Wednesday, November 19, 2008


God wants all of his children to become more like His Son. I have felt stagnant for a while. Like I was just floating along. Happy not to have any "major" trials. Content to be where I was, though that contentedness was not a good kind.
However, after starting the Respectable Sins study I began to really feel the Holy Spirit poking me in my conscience. Saying "No, no...we have not arrived...we need to keep moving forward."
I can say that in these last couple of weeks, God is moving me forward. I have been so convicted of the "little" sins in my life...unthankfulness, impatience, irritability...and the list goes on and on. But the good news is that our God is faithful...after pointing these things out, he has helped me to address them and I feel that I am again moving forward. I have had a blessed time these last couple of weeks with my boys. Less anger, more patience, more love.
I know that I will never "arrive" this side of heaven, but I pray that God will keep pushing me forward.
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Krista said...

It was a blessing to read about your growth. God has also used Bridges' Respectable Sins in my life as well. There have been many "little" sins that I have also been convicted of and by God's grace am forsaking as I am being conformed more into His image.

Looking forward to seeing you, Friend, the Sunday after Thanksgiving! :)