Monday, September 29, 2008

Landon says the darndest things...

Just thought I'd share some funnies that Landon has had over the last few days...

Funny #1
Me (commenting on the behavior of my camera): "This camera is acting the fool!"
Landon (quite seriously): "No, mama, camera's aren't fools. Little boys are fools!"

Funny #2
After explaining that I would be running errands this morning and he would be going over to grandmom's house, Landon proceeded to whine that he wanted to come too.
Me: "Landon, I need to go really fast to the stores so you need to stay with Grandmom."
Landon (worried): "But what about the police cars?"
Me: "Well, I won't be going fast on the road...just in the stores."
Landon (still worried): "There won't be any police cars?"
Me: "Not in the stores, I hope."

Funny #3
Me: "We are going to take Ty to get his haircut this morning."
Landon: "When we get to Ty's building (translation--the beauty salon), can I ask the lady for a lollipop?"

Also, Ty is actually trying to walk on his own. I really don't know whether to be excited about that or chase or to carry. Hmmm, I think chase might be the winner. Pray for him, that in his newfound freedom he may be more willing to stay in nursery at church. I have started the Shepherding a Child's Heart equipping hour study and would really like to attend as many sessions as possible. Thank God for Eric's willingness to stay with him when he can.

Please be in prayer for my brother, Anthony. He is currently on a mission off base in Iraq and we haven't heard from him in several days.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It was playdate at the Summerhill house today! So glad that we could get together and have a little fun and fellowship! Thanks Michelle, Jen, and Sylvia for coming over with the kids. Landon is always so sad when everyone has to leave :(
Here's a new recipe I tried out on the ladies...Caramel Snack Mix.
Here's a link to the original recipe. I mixed it up a bit with oatmeal squares, pretzels, mixed nuts, and a little salt at the end. Enjoy.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Here are some pics from our vacation to Big Cedar Lodge/Branson a couple of weeks ago. We had a great time with the boys. It was so fun to share one of my favorite places from childhood (and now) with them. Lord willing, we'll continue to go back as the years go by.

This is a picture of Landon at the Silver Dollar City jail...he was a little afraid of the mannequin inside.

Ty says "Hey, I know you!" He loves the camera.

Landon was so excited to see and ride the train. This was Saturday afternoon. We didn't get to ride the train 'til Sunday.

Landon was a little fearful of the trainrobbers. But he did say "No Sir" when they asked him if he had any money.

Ty was even able to ride a couple of the small rides. This one was a little bouncy. Eric had to hold his head for support. Ty wasn't too sure what to think about the frogs. The funnies thing was the lady operator who kept saying "ribbi

My parents, Nana & Papa, were able to come up to Big Cedar for the afternoon on Sunday and bring Bailey & Shelby. Ty was snoozing, but the other kids went for a dip in the pool. The pool was so nice...heated with a beach style area for the kids. They loved it.

The landscaping was absolutely beautiful all around Big Cedar. I loved watching the fat bumblebees and butterflies.

Some fun with the cousins at the playground...

Well, I've run out of time for be continued!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Hello friends and family!
I'm new to this blogging thing and am kind of figuring it out as I go. I'm not particularly good at creative writing or using fancy graphics, but hope to keep a few of you posted on how life is going in the Summerhill household. Selfishly, I'm wanting to keep better track of journaling with my pictures and do a better job of sharing my boys with their grandparents!
I plan to post lots of pictures and stories of my little guys, Landon and Ty, and our great adventures. I love to cook and try all kinds of crafty things. I'll try to post yummy things that I make...although I don't know if there will be those cool, artsy food photos that are on other blogs :0)
Please share your responses...I'd love to hear from you!