Monday, September 29, 2008

Landon says the darndest things...

Just thought I'd share some funnies that Landon has had over the last few days...

Funny #1
Me (commenting on the behavior of my camera): "This camera is acting the fool!"
Landon (quite seriously): "No, mama, camera's aren't fools. Little boys are fools!"

Funny #2
After explaining that I would be running errands this morning and he would be going over to grandmom's house, Landon proceeded to whine that he wanted to come too.
Me: "Landon, I need to go really fast to the stores so you need to stay with Grandmom."
Landon (worried): "But what about the police cars?"
Me: "Well, I won't be going fast on the road...just in the stores."
Landon (still worried): "There won't be any police cars?"
Me: "Not in the stores, I hope."

Funny #3
Me: "We are going to take Ty to get his haircut this morning."
Landon: "When we get to Ty's building (translation--the beauty salon), can I ask the lady for a lollipop?"

Also, Ty is actually trying to walk on his own. I really don't know whether to be excited about that or chase or to carry. Hmmm, I think chase might be the winner. Pray for him, that in his newfound freedom he may be more willing to stay in nursery at church. I have started the Shepherding a Child's Heart equipping hour study and would really like to attend as many sessions as possible. Thank God for Eric's willingness to stay with him when he can.

Please be in prayer for my brother, Anthony. He is currently on a mission off base in Iraq and we haven't heard from him in several days.


Beajoy said...

Great stories! It's so funny the things 3 year olds think up! Love that stage! I'll pray for your brother right now. Thanks for sharinig.

Krista said...

Funny! It amazes me how little ones are creating their view on life at such a young age. Jewel regularly wants to talk about law inforcement, and also being wise or foolish, and really she likes to talk about lollipops too! :) But ours are (thankfully) only at the bank!